Algodoo TE

Algodoo TE 1.8

It's a software education tool, deeply integrated and optimized for SMART Board
1.8.5 (See all)
Algoryx Simulation AB

Algodoo Teacher Edition is a software education tool, deeply integrated and optimized for SMART Board.
The Algodoo Teacher Edition includes:
- Multitouch supporting multi-user drawing, interaction and editing
- Pen gestures for creating objects, interact with scenes and control simulations
- Full support for SMART Board pen colors, erasers and gestures
Through close cooperation and development support by SMART, Algodoo is now deeply integrated with all SMART Boards. It is specially optimized to take advantage of the unique dual user, dual sketch, dual touch functionality of the new SB800 series of interactive whiteboards. Particular integration points include:

For all SMART Boards, single or multi-touch:
- Unique menu structure when Algodoo detects a SMART Board is connected.
- Movable toolbars for a better ergonomic for both teachers and students
- Black pen mapped to objects "fixed to the background". Objects created with the black pen are unaffected by gravity or objects that collide into them.
- Water pen. Objects created with the blue pen instantly turns to water.
- Objects creates with red or green pens are drawn in their respective colors. Color mapping can also be turned off.
- One user can pan a scene by touching the background and dragging their finger in any direction
- Users can cut an object by striking through an object with the pen and then drawing a hook at the end.
- Users can erase objects with either, their palm, the eraser from the pen tray, or by gesturing a line entirely through an object with the pen.
- Pen gestures are mapped to pause, play, rewind and fwd buttons, allowing users to rewind and replay scenes with ease.
- The Algodoo Teacher Edition also includes built in tutorials that get you started in a few minutes.

For SMARTboard SB800 and other SMART Boards that support multitouch:
- Two users can sketch at the same time
- Two users can move objects at the same time
- One user can draw while another user has single touch capabilities.
- One user can zoom the scene through 2 finger zoom gesture.
- One user can rotate and scale objects by touching an object in two places.
- Clone feature. An object can be cloned by touching and holding an object with one finger, and drawing across the object with a pen.

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